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  • Pastor Steve Conley

Something to Think About

Ever wonder why the man of sin is called the Beast? Have you considered the multipurpose use of this so-called vaccine? Here is what I understand. First, it could possibly be used as an emf activated death jab for population reduction or control of anyone. The evidence is strong that graphene oxide [it is a trade secret so it is not disclosed in the patent] is used in the hydrogel [nano particle lipid solution] that encapsulates the recombinant mRNA. Once in the body, this graphene oxide forms random and/or designed structures throughout the body and can be charged via high frequency radio waves at which point they destroy anything they touch. Graphene hydrogel is being pitched by Elon Musk for internet connectivity of the human brain. The random structures are responsible for much of the breakout (covid 19 breakthroughs) or serious adverse events and deaths. The next use of this shot is in strengthening the communicability of the covid 19 bioweapon (yes, it is an engineered bioweapon that began in Ft. Deitrick labs gain of function research before making its way to Wuhan China) The jab's effects on the body create an environment to facilitate immune escape creating endless variants that become evermore contagious. Those who receive this jab become dangerous to others thru progeny and shedding. Next, as advertised by Moderna, the jab is an operating system (the boosters are the software updates). It is a tool to modify the human genome. It is not a vaccine by any traditional standard. It is a genome modifying gene therapy. The lipid nanoparticles (hydrogel) encapsulate recombinant mRNA which when introduced into the cell cause the ribosome to produce pathogenic virions (spike proteins). As these saturate the body, they weaken the body's ability to fight other pathogens diminishing or destroying our natural immune system. They are great at getting the body ready to attack covid 19, but compromising the immune system to do so is very unwise. It is this last use of the jab, having the ability to modify your genome, making you other than human, that fits well within what we know of those who will worship the Beast and receive his mark. Satan wants people in his own image. Of such a people it can be said, "whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world." In the worship of the Beast and receiving what he promises they forever forsake the salvation that is only found in Christ. Unending anti-God modifications are possible to those who go down this gene therapy road. I wonder why he is called the Beast? Although the Beast is not yet revealed, what we are experiencing now is the groundwork preparation for what is to come. Satan has always promoted that which is contrary to God's created order. Whether it be the perverting of the institution of heterosexual marriage (through forbidding some to marry or homosexual unions, etc) or corrupting the genome through forbidden mixtures (genetic chimeras), Satan has continually challenged the Most High's ordained order. In the days of Jered, rebel spirits among the bene Elohim, began to genetically corrupt the seed (descendants) of the woman (Eve). For their crime, these rebel spirits were chained in Tartarus and their progeny (from their union with human women) were destroyed before and in the great flood. The spirits of these chimeras continue upon the earth. We know them as demons. Not having a body of their own, they possess men and women. These demons continually teach men to create these unholy mixtures. Those spirits who do this, like those watchers before them, are sent to the "spirit big house" where they are confined in chains of gloomy darkness awaiting the final judgment. Under the guise of modern science and making mankind better (stronger, smarter, live longer) these evil mixtures have gone mainstream. It is modern-day sorcery [pharmakeia] (Rev 18:23) The jab is a global tool to bring all under Satan's control, remaking God's imagers into the image of the evil one. I believe that there is a definite connection between the future demand to receive the mark of the Beast on the right hand or forehead and the gene therapy mandates. Both are said to be necessary to buy or sell.

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Feb 22, 2022

I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I am glad I stumbled upon your website

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